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August 2003
(Questions asked by the fans on the DISSECTION forum
and answered by Jon Nödveidt while still serving time at Hall prison, Sweden)

Well, to start with, many are probably very curious about this, when are you getting out of prison 2004?
"I will be free by the end of the summer."
What have you been doing during your time in prison? Have you had the possibility to get outside the prison walls anytime?
"I have been focusing on my own initiation and development on the left hand path, practicing meditation, studying the dark esoteric doctrines, and I have been working with the new DISSECTION material. It’s not until very recently that I have started to get outside the prison walls on my own, since I have had rather strict conditions all the way up to now. But Hell, freedom tastes better than ever!"
Have you been able to listen to music while being locked up? If you have, what do you think about today’s metal scene?
"I have been able to listen to a lot of music, of course mostly old favourites, but also some new stuff, since I’m very curious about what’s going on. My opinion on the metal scene of today as a whole: DISSECTION will fucking burn it to ashes!"
What do you think about the band Deathstars that your brother started a few years back?
"I think they are real good!"
It’s also known that you have had access to a guitar. What other things have you had access to in your prison cell?
"Yes, I have had access to an acoustic guitar as well as my old Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty which is my finest instrument above all. Merely holding this particular instrument in my hands is pure black magic. I have lately also had access to recording equipment and a computer with the necessary software, which has given me the opportunity to work with the pre-production and making demos of the new DISSECTION album."
Has the time in prison changed you in any way?
"The years in prison have forced me to wake up and open my eyes to many things. Having faced and dealt with personal weaknesses and concerns and putting myself subject to profound existential revaluation, I’m strengthened a thousand times and miles further on the sinister path. Without these years in prison, I wouldn’t be where I am today."
Faust is already the new drummer, but how is it going on the guitar player and bass player front? Is there any special person you want in the new line-up?
"Things are happening, but at the moment I can’t tell you too much about it since nothing is official. Doors are still open. What matters is that things work out in practice."
Do you think it will be difficult in finding new members since they must both be skilled musicians and be able to stand behind the Satanic/Anti-cosmic concept of the band?
"For sure. Finding the right members is not the easiest thing, bearing our extremely high demands in mind. But that’s how we want it, we want to be sure that we find the right ones and these persons are for sure out there. It’s just a matter of time until DISSECTION will present a full official line-up."
Will only Swedes be able to join the band or will you accept foreign members?
"It doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you embody what we’re looking for."
Why do you want a completely new line-up instead of getting the old members back?
"Bringing back the old line-up today wouldn’t be possible, and is neither desirable, because of many reasons. For the first, I have learned from experiences in the past. Everyone must first of all individually have an infernal ambition for what they’re doing, and as a band share these ambitions and goals. If this isn’t the case, like in the past, the band will be held back by someone’s lack of motivation and eventually the atmosphere within the band will be contaminated. It can’t work out if for example one depends on the others to do all the work or if you don’t stand for what the band is doing. For example if one member wouldn’t stand for our Satanic concept, his true will and motives wouldn’t be in harmony with the visions, goals and purposes of the band as a whole, which are to create the most powerful sonic keys for opening the gates to the Satanic current and the anti-cosmic gods. We’re not a rock band, Dissection is pure sonic Satanism! The music and the lyrics are rituals, invocations and evocations to the gods of darkness. Every member must be prepared and willing to sacrifice their life and time on the altar of Azerate and the flame of DISSECTION! Anything less is not enough, and we want to make sure we find those rare fanatics, ready to dedicate their lives to spreading the sonic venom of Chaos!"
What probably every Dissection fan over the world is wondering is what will the new material sound like? Will it be any different to "Storm of the Light’s Bane" and "The Somberlain"? And if, in which way?
"The eleven songs for the next album all have their own special character and altogether present all dimensions of DISSECTION. Many songs are more straightforward, but with the typical finesse that DISSECTION is known for. But, DISSECTION will always be unpredictable, always presenting our essence in different, new ways. We will not make another "Storm of the Light’s Bane", but take yet another step further on the dynamic path that we tread. Still, DISSECTION will always be DISSECTION, and our prime essence can’t be mistaken."
How many songs have you managed to come up with during your time in prison?
"I have written eleven songs for the next studio album, but of course I have written more raw-material. However, I’m focusing all my power towards our next studio album right now. Anything else would not make sense."
By the way, what is your favourite Dissection track from the first era?
"For me personally it is without doubt "Where Dead Angels Lie". This is a song that is actively evoking and channelling the most sinister energies, far beyond the wildest imaginations I possibly could have while writing it. This is a song that has turned out to mediate so much hidden essence that now has begun to manifest. Saravá Exu Capa Preta!"
Are there any tour dates or shows confirmed yet for 2004-05?
"None as of yet, but we’re getting a lot of offers already which are really interesting and which we will take into serious consideration when organizing our next tour. Any news concerning this will be presented on this website first, so stay updated. DISSECTION will conquer a lot of new territory and visit many new places! That’s all I can say at the moment."
Considering your past, will Dissection be able to tour in the USA and Canada?
"Our will and goal is that DISSECTION definitely will return to the USA, and for sure also to play in Canada, and we will do everything to make this possible!"
Is all the material from the new album written in prison or is some taken from earlier days?
"All the songs for the new album, in the shape that they have today, have all been arranged and worked out in prison, yet a lot of material and structures were written before my arrest. However, this material have matured, evolved and been re-arranged during the years. Nevertheless, some riffs and ideas are even dating from all the way back to ’93."
What is the MLO all about and what is the connection to DISSECTION?
"The Misanthropic Luciferian Order, is as the name suggests a "Luciferian" (Lucifer meaning "Bringer of Light") Order, which indicates the search for forbidden and hidden spiritual illumination and wisdom. The MLO is all about walking the burning, dangerous path towards the receiving of gnosis, i.e. knowledge and enlightenment beyond the limitations and shackles of cosmos. It is all about the raising of ones own inner, hidden, acausal (beyond the causal; i.e. beyond that which is bound by the cosmic laws of cause and effect) potential that burns inside the souls of the strong, which we call the black flame. The Misanthropic Luciferian Order develops, studies and practice the dark traditions leading to this goal. DISSECTION is the "sonic propaganda unit" of the MLO, which means that we through our music and lyrics present and represent the Chaos-Gnostic ideas of the Order."
What/who is Azerate?
"Azerate is the hidden name of the Anti-cosmic gods, and is the key to the locked gates of the dark dimensions. Azerate is the name of the eleven Anti-cosmic powers mentioned within both the Sumerian Chaos-Gnosticism and the Qliphothic Cabbala. The Anti-cosmic powers who fight against the tyranny of the cosmic order, which number is 10, is usually described as eleven separate demonic forces, each one counteracting the cosmic impulse from their own direction. Under the name of Azerate, the eleven Anti-cosmic powers unite and transform into one, symbolized by the eleven-headed black dragon, whose all-dissolving powers are concentrated further and thus even stronger. It is when the eleven ones unite and become Azerate, that they with their united efforts can turn the keys to the locked portals and break through the cosmic barriers. Azerate is the wholeness of the Anti-cosmic current that with its chaotic fires burns black holes in the cosmic barriers preparing for the complete invasion of cosmos by the Wrathful Chaos."
Will the lyrics be any different on the new album comparing to the previous two?
"Our lyrics have always been about praising and channelling the powers of darkness and Chaos, and of course this is still the case since this is the essence of our lyrics. Yet, the new lyrics for the next album are all written as direct invocations and evocations to the gods of darkness, and are based around satanic formulas that have been charged within the Anti-cosmic/Satanic tradition. This is a magical form called "Voces Magicae", which translates "Vocal Magic" or "The magic of the spoken word", that will affect the listener on the unconscious level, and thus also the causal universe as a whole. These formulas have been charged within the darkest tradition and by speaking or singing them, or playing the recorded versions, the specific currents attached to them will be released. In other words, the lyrics and music of DISSECTION are conscious, ritualistic art."
What are your biggest influences?
"I’m inspired by the liberating might and splendour of the Satanic current and my inner black flame. This is the biggest influence for DISSECTION."
Many bands have been inspired by DISSECTION during the recent years, and some clone-bands have shown up, how do you feel about this?
"I think it’s great if we have influenced and inspired others. That’s a great honour to us. But there’s a difference between being influenced by a band and cloning a band. I hope DISSECTION inspires others to be creative. Just like we always have been inspired by other bands, we still always strive towards creating our own music."
There has been some tension between you and some of the ex-members, i.e. Johan Norman who cowardly betrayed you during your trial, for example. How is the situation today?
"To be honest, I don’t give a fuck about him anymore. To me he doesn’t exist anymore and I couldn’t care less. He is his own misery most of all, I reckon."

(Interview written by Andrea Biagi)